When you arrive at Bardowie Loch for your sailing session have you ever wondered who it was that opened the gates, who it was that opened the clubhouse, who it was that opened the boat houses and stores. Who was that nice person who had a few short words of welcome with you and politely reminded you to complete the sailing log before going on the water. You may have noticed that it is the same person who patrols the loch in a powerboat during sailing, assisting at capsizes when required, providing a tow back to the pontoon when the wind dies and you find yourself at the wrong end of the loch or who pulls you out of the reeds if it all goes horribly wrong. Again it is the same person who is there at the end of sailing checking that everyone is safely off the water, busily securing the club and then waiting until members leave to finally secure the club gates.

The answer to all of that, as I am sure that many of you will know, is the Club Steward. You may know the Steward as a friend or recognize him / her as a fellow club member.

So how did that person become a Club Steward. The answer to that one is that they volunteered.

As you will be aware the Dinghy Section at Bardowie is very much a Club, run by members for the benefit of members. As such much of the work done at the Club is carried out by members who volunteer and there is no more vital task to volunteer for than that of Club Steward, because, quite simply if there is no Steward on duty the Club does not open.

Of course there are some necessary requirements. Each steward has to be a Club member, at least 18 years of age, have RYA Level 2 Powerboat qualification and, for safeguarding requirements, must register through the club on the Protection of Vulnerable Groups register. In terms of commitment there is no maximum or minimum number of duties that can be performed by a steward but a usual number would be in the region of three duties a season. Some do more. The key is though that the stewarding roster is flexible.

There is no need to be an expert dinghy sailor as Stewards are not required to give instruction or advice on sailing. That one is for the instructors. Neither do you have to be a long term member with extensive knowledge and experience of the workings of the club. Stewarding is actually a very good way to find out more about the club and meet other members. The most important thing is to be able to commit a small amount of time each season.

If you are interested or would like more information, even if you don’t yet meet all of the required criteria, please contact the head steward or another member of the committee at office@clyde.org or dinghy@clyde.org. It can even be arranged that you ‘Buddy Up’ with an experienced Steward at a sailing session to get an idea of what its all about.

Chief Steward